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We Tell Your Story.

When you hear a good story, you pick up on the plot elements and you identify with a character. When you hear more of the story, you cheer for outcomes, you invest yourself in the plot. You are hooked.

At MCM, we tell your story. We are experts at communicating online to win over an audience with a story about a cause or a candidate, an issue or a point of view. Story gives context and context gives meaning. Learn how MCM can tell your story.

MCM’s Social Media Division won’t just tell you how to grow your network. We’ll guide you in the very best communications practices for telling your story, getting fans to share that story, mobilizing an audience for a cause and measuring the real results, every step of the way.

“People Talking About This:” This data point represents the unique number of people who have created a story about this topic or fan page in the last 7 days. We are measuring this data because it demonstrates a cumulative look at the overall Facebook conversations and interactions that are happening around a candidate. The measurements include the following actions:

1. Liking a Page
2. Liking, commenting on, or sharing your Page post
3. Answering a questions you’ve asked
4. Responding to an event request
5. Mentioning your Page
6. Tagging your Page in a photo
7. Checking in or Recommending your Place

People Talking About This 169 2110 1110
Facebook Growth (12/2 – 12/8) -18 +408 +369

The data above directly relates to the level of activity happening on the page. Fewer posts means fewer interactions, generating less conversation. As we continue to hone the stump speech and platform, we’ll want to make sure we are using that content to generate conversations here. 


The data below represents the Twitter conversations that are happening around these candidates/campaigns. We’ve tracked the growth in followers over the past week on the 3 major front-runners, and have also created metrics around the Twitter “Mentions” of these three, for your reference.

Twitter Growth (12/2 – 12/9) -10 +51 +189
Twitter Mentions (12/2 – 12/9) 155 273 64

Sample Metrics:

Influencers: Who’s telling your story? Who’s dominating the conversations around the issues that matter to your business? We can track that for you with our influencer tracking. We can determine who your Top 10 influencers online are each day, and determine what messages are resonating (good or bad) with those influencers.

What we do with what we know:

• We know what your online reputation is and what external audiences are digesting about your campaign
• We know the overall tone of the online sentiment surrounding you and your campaign – both in social networks and in the blogosphere
• We know what your opposition’s online reputation is too
• We know the overall tone of the online sentiment around your opposition
• We know what the bloggers are saying and what you can do about it
• We know who is influencing the conversation about you and your campaign in social space
• We know how to guide you to get in touch with those influencers

What it all means:

• We can determine your online reputation and help you change the course of the conversations surrounding you
• We can tell you who’s influencing your campaign and how to get in touch with them
• We can tell you what your opposition is doing online and who’s helping them do it
• We can guide you through the online and social spaces to measure your online reputation, understand the external conversations that are shaping it, know who is talking about it, understand how to engage them and measure the results of the efforts every step of the way

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